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Belgischen agriculture traditions

We build on the taste
of nature.

Buy the nature

A true taste of nature
in Slovakia.

At Indalo Farma we only use with products from the wild nature of Slovakia, we believe that by harvesting wild herbs and flowers manually, only the best quality can be achieved.

Indalo products
Natural herbal tea healthy product from Indalo Farma
Tea and honey


Virgin herbal teas for your health, beauty and serenity

Natural honey healthy bee product from Indalo Farma


Natural Honey is the Nectar of God on this planet

Natural olive and vegetable oil healthy product from Indalo Farma


You didn't even expect these oils to exist

Natural fruit vinegar from Indalo Farma products


High quality vinegars for your cuisine

Original Belgium beer from Indalo Farma


Belgium beer. It says enough.


Indalo Christmas Gifts

Natural honey healthy bee product from Indalo Farma

We believe in quality

In the middle of the Hont region you will find Sudince where Indalo Farma is located, we are specialized in making wild herbal tea / fruit vinegar and bee products in a traditional way to make these high-quality natural products.

Honey products

Buy a peice of nature

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